Cloudy water comes in varying degrees from dull looking water to not being able to see the first step on the ladder which would be milky white.

Cloudy water can be caused by the following:
1. Poor filtration/ circulation
2. Stabilizer level (CYA)
3. High TDS
4. Dirty pool
5. Poor water balance
6. Low sanitizer level
7. Chemical addition

Cloudy water is the most common problem in a backyard swimming pool. Cloudy water is usually the result of several factors.  1. The accumulation of unfiltered wastes. 2. The contamination of the water by algae. The length of time it takes to clear a cloudy pool is directly related to the severity of the cloudiness and how long it has been in this state.

Because cloudy water is typically a result of several factors each of these should be addressed to clear a cloudy pool. The following steps should be taken in this order.

  1. Poor filtration/circulation. The pump and filter of a swimming pool are designed to remove large particles from the water. If they are not functioning properly or for long enough the water is not being cleaned. You cannot correct a cloudy pool until these are functioning.
  2. For a chlorine pool test the stabilizer (CYA) level. If CYA is less than 75 ppm then proceed to next step. If CYA is greater than 75 ppm then follow “Dillution” formula to bring CYA below 75 ppm or add BROMINE PRE-TREAT at a rate of 400 gr per 10,000 litres of pool water. (This will temporarily convert your pool to bromine so that the CYA will not interfere with the algae treatment)
  3. High Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) is an accumulation of chemical residue in the water. If this is allowed to build to levels above 2000 ppm the water can start to look dull and lifeless. Follow the “Dillution formula to reduce the TDS to an acceptable level.
  4. The filtration and circulation system may not be able to keep up to the dirt in the pool. Make sure that the skimmer and pump baskets are clean and free of debris and the pool has been vacuumed.
  5. Water balance will affect water clarity. High pH will cause cloudy water in several ways. Through higher ranges of pH our chlorine residual becomes less efficient. We need more chlorine to do the same job as a balanced level of pH (7.4 to 7.6). Our chlorine level has not changed but our pool has gone cloudy as algae starts to grow. The second affect of high pH is that things are less soluble. As the pH increase metals (calcium, iron, copper, manganese) can no longer stay in solution and they come out causing the water to cloud. Balancing the water can sometimes clear a cloudy pool.
  6. A low sanitizer level will permit the formation of algae. A cloudy pool can represent the beginning of an algae bloom. If this is the case then go to “green cloudy water” treatment.
  7. Chemical addition can cause are pool to go cloudy. If we superchlorinate a pool with a high pH product (Liquid Shock) it can cause the pH in the pool to rise causing substances to come out of solution thus a cloudy pool. Sometimes when we balance the pool water we can cause it to go cloudy. As an example, a pool has been very corrosive for a long period of time. Many substances have been dissolved. Many times acidic water is very clear because everything is in solution. We balance the water, increase the Total Alkalinity and the pool goes cloudy. At a regular pH and TA the water cannot support these thing in solution and they come crashing out.

Once you have gone through and satisfied each of these points and the pool is still cloudy use these following products to clear a cloudy pool.

POLISH PLUS Can be used with any filter type. Takes small particles and makes them bigger so that a filter can remove them. Best as a maintenance product to make water sparkle. Would take to long to clear a badly clouded pool.

FILTER PLUS Sits on top of a sand bed to decrease micron of filtration. Must be careful as filter tank pressures will increase dramatically as the filter picks up debris.

NU-BLU Liquid Floc will accumulate cloudy water and deposit particles on sand filter bed and bottom of pool.


NU-BLU TABS Use on a maintenance basis to remove small particles from the water.  Place tablets in skimmer on a weekly basis.

POOL POLISH Granular Floc treatment can eliminate a cloudy pool overnight. Follow package direction for best results.