What is the best way to store and handle the chemicals that I use in my pool?

Swimming pool chemicals are very important to the health of your swimming pool and of your family. Proper storage and handling of these chemicals will ensure your safety and the desired results in the swimming pool water.

This article will present proper storage and handling procedures for swimming pool chemicals. If you have any questions or concerns always follow the directions on the label of any product you are using and always follow the instructions of a professional swimming pool dealer.

Types of Swimming Pool Chemicals
Swimming pool chemicals can be divided into three groups.

  1. Sanitizers and Oxidizers. These are the products that are used to keep the swimming pool water healthy and disease free. These are the products that protect the bathers in your swimming pool water.
  2. Balancers. These are the products that are used to protect pool surfaces and equipment. These are the products that protect your investment.
  3. Specialty Chemicals. These are the products designed to solve special problems unique to your environment and swimming pool. These products are known as the problem solvers.

These three groups contain products that present different levels of risk when storing and handling. As a consumer it is difficult to remember which chemicals require special handling. It is therefore important to not differentiate each product but to treat all swimming pool chemicals with the same high level of respect.

Please follow these directions and procedures when storing  ALL swimming pool chemicals.


  1. Store chemicals in a cool dry ventilated area.
  2. Store chemicals out of reach of children and pets.
  3. Replace and tighten all lids and caps on chemicals after use.
  4. Replace damaged containers with new containers from your swimming pool professional. Do not use a container that has not been specifically designed for that product. Never store pool chemicals in an empty pail of a different product.
  5. Do not store in a fashion where products may fall over or spill.
  6. Store liquids below powders.
  7. Do not store swimming pool chemicals in proximity or contact with any other products such as gasoline, oil, fertilizer or pesticides.
  8. When a container is empty rinse it out in the swimming pool and recycle it. Do not reuse containers. The only exception to this is the D.O.T approved refillable liquid chlorine containers.


  1. Never mix any two chemicals together. Yes you may add different chemicals to the swimming pool at different times because the volume of the water will neutralize the reaction.
  2. Always add chemicals to water, never water to chemicals.
  3. Always premix chemicals in a pail of water and then distribute around the swimming pool. This will eliminate any powders blowing around.
  4. When adding chemicals to the swimming pool be sure to follow all safety precautions on product labels.
  5. Be sure to wear all prescribed safety clothing and gear.
  6. When refilling a chlorinator or brominator be sure that the system is shut off and the area is well ventilated.
  7. When transporting pool chemicals always secure the products so they will not tip over. The chemicals should be in Department of Transport approved containers and should not spill but it is always wise to be safe.
  8. Chemicals should secured and transported in your trunk or secured in the back of you SUV or Mini Van.
  9. Do not leave the chemicals in your vehicle for an extended period of time as this can form condensation on a hot day.

Swimming pool chemicals are designed to make our water healthy and safe. If you follow these simple rules you will get optimum performance from these products.

Treat the chemicals with respect, follow the directions and you will be enjoying your swimming pool for years to come.