Mursatt Chemicals Ltd., is a manufacturer/distributor of quality pool and spa chemicals, accessories as well as water testing products that has been serving the "Pool and Spa Professional" marketplace throughout Canada for 50 years.

Mursatt Chemicals continues to be a strong force in the Canadian pool/spa industry because we care about our customers business. We recognize that a strong pool/spa dealer - consumer relationship is the key to success for any "Pool and Spa Professional", and if our customer is successful than we are successful.

All aspects of our marketing efforts are directed toward providing "Pool and Spa Professionals" with the products, services and training required to create and sustain a successful business.

Listed below are a few of the marketing and training initiatives we provide for "Authorized" Mursatt dealers.


Mursatt Chemicals provides "Authorized" dealers with our customized water analysis computer program. The program has been developed to enable the "Pool and Spa Professional" to monitor water chemistry, easily communicate results and service consumers with a high level of confidence and satisfaction.


Mursatt Chemicals hosts a "Dealer Seminar" annually to educate the "Pool and Spa Professionals" and their staff in several different areas. This results in a knowledgeable and confident staff that can readily sell quality products and services.


Mursatt Chemicals believes it is also important for consumers to be informed. Consumers should understand the basics and importance of water chemistry as well as proper procedures for opening and closing their pools. This is an excellent opportunity for dealers to present themselves as the "professional" in their marketplace.


Mursatt Chemicals will conduct on-sight training sessions for the employees of our "Authorized" dealers. This enables our staff to focus on employees who were unable to attend the dealer seminar or are new to the industry.


Mursatt Chemicals has pool and spa books, point of purchase material, display stands and posters.


From Vancouver to Prince Edward Island, Mursatt Chemicals are available for purchase from an extensive dealer network across Canada.